About and Contact

about Me

In junior high, I found my dad’s copy of Andrew Loomis’s “Figure Study for all it’s Worth.” From there, I began doing figure study, trying to create scenes from the fantasy books I was reading. My high school art teachers focused on copying rather than art fundamentals, so I learned from DeviantArt and Youtube. I went to school for music, completing a BA in Music Performance in 2015. Art was always a way to escape. Currently, I work in mental healthcare and spend my free time practicing art. 





Artist Statement

Art is a way of expressing emotions when I do not have words to describe what is happening. My artistic goal with my webcomic, Fortune’s Fancy, is to practice story telling and narrative illustration. It has strengthened my skills in backgrounds/environments as well as showing emotion through facial expression and hand poses. As an artist, I gravitate towards fantasy illustration, character art, and graphic novels.  


Art Pedagogy Statement

I believe anyone is capable of creating art. Talent is the ease in which someone is able to pick up a set of skills. Many artists pick up fundamentals without the need of putting them to words. However, art is a skill and can be learned through understanding the fundamentals combined with practice. I aim to break down fundamentals into practical application. While drawing a still life will teach form, a young artist may not see the connection of spheres, cubes, and cylinders to the face or human form.  

Digital Material Specs


Most often I use:

Huion GT 221 Pro, Clip Studio Paint EX, Power Spec G224 computer. 
I also use: 
iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate. Krita and photoshop.