Open for Commissions

I am a digital artist and illustrator creating fantasy character art. 



Contact me on Discord at Unkemptsnugglepepper#0556 or by email at Pricing varies from client to client and what features will best serve the piece.  My prices start at $80. I require 50% of agreed upon price prior to start of work and 50% after sketches are approved and before start of final piece. I have a Terms of  Agreement which can be viewed Here




What I Offer

  • Portrait, half-body, or full body
  • Different background options: color wash or environment
  • Multiple characters and interactions (LGBT friendly)

What I do not Offer

  • NSFW 
  • Furries (I do not feel comfortable with my skills at this time.)
  • Portraits of real people
  • Excessive gore or violence


Portrait of Drexel, human wizard from my webcomic Fortune‚Äôs Fancy.