Fortune’s Fancy

Completed Pieces

Completed paintings and illustrations based on the characters and themes of Fortune’s Fancy. Read the webcomic at, Webtoons, or Tapas.

Title: Lost Innocence
Medium: Digital (Clip Studio)
November 2021

Title: Extra: 100 pages 
Medium: Digital (Clip Studio)
September 2021

Title: Hello
Medium: Digital (Clip studio)
February 2021

Title: Rain
Medium: Digital (Clip Studio)
May 2021

Title: Demons
Medium: Digital (Krita)
March 2021

Title: Color challenge (Drexel)
Medium: Digital (Clip studio)
February 2021

Title: 2021 Superbowl
Medium: Digital (Clip studio)
February 2021

Title: Commission sample added detail
Medium: Digital (Clip studio)
June 2021

Title: Stargazing
Medium: Digital (Clip studio) from alcohol marker illustration
March 2021


Various pages from the webcomic.

Chapter 4, page 9

Chapter 5, page 4

Chapter 5, page 21

Chapter 5, page 26 

Chapter 6, page 27

Chapter 6, page 18

Chapter 7, page 4

Chapter 7, page 11

Chapter 8, page 16


The characters and main premise of Fortune’s Fancy.



Drexel is known as the most powerful mage of his time, however, he doesn’t care for the title. He lives in the small town of Northwick, performing small bits of magic to repair items and solve simple problems. The people of Northwick don’t trust him, often staring and whispering as he walks by, underpaying him, and overcharging for items in town. 

Drexel wears old, patchy robes and intentionally appears somewhat mundane. The ring in his goatee hides his magic and he is often mistaken for being less powerful. Drexel is straight forward in his approaches. When teaching Mira, he doesn’t show off. He always knows the time although he frequently forgets to eat. He is literal, not getting puns, innuendos, or idioms.

When he meets Mira, he refuses to take her as an apprentice and freezes her in place after she threatens him with a fireball. She gains his attention by claiming Resultum wasn’t his fault. Drexel reluctantly takes her on an apprentice, giving her a one week trial period. 


Mira’s father said no one would take her as apprentice and they didn’t have money for a school. She went to Bastion at an insane asylum to ask to learn magic, but found him creepy and unsettling. Bastion spoke of Drexel, making him to seem very kindhearted. Mira set off to find him.

When she first meets Drexel, she demands he take her as an apprentice. She throws a fireball to show her ability, but Drexel is not impressed. She catches his attention by mentioning Resultum wasn’t his fault. After a week’s trial period, Drexel agreed to take her as a full time apprentice. In return, she promised to take care him, citing that he forgets to eat. 


Archimedes has traveled as a Fortune Teller when he ends up in Northwick. Drexel was aware of his magic as Archimedes was aware of Drexel’s. Archimedes’s magic centers around being able to read people as well as share feelings through touch. He’s kind and frequently smiles. He always introduces himself as “Archimedes, pleasure,” a play on his last name.