Fortune’s Fancy

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Name: Drexel Bauer
Age: 42 
First Appearance: In which Drexel meets Mira, pg 1
Mannerisms: Always knows the current time, frequently sighs, deadpan delivery, literal interpretation.
Description: Drexel is a thin, pale man, with red hair and blue eyes. He wears faded, patchy robes. He has a goatee with a gold ring. 
Bio: He is referred to as the most powerful mage of the time, but lives in the small town of Northwick. When Mira confronts him on his abilities, he claims it doesn’t matter to him.  He was responsible for destroying a large part of the city of Resultum and has lived in solitude for over twenty years. The people of Northwick stare and whisper when he walks by, underpay him for his work, and over charge when he makes purchases. 


Name: Mira Thornback
Age: 17
First Appearance: In which Drexel meets Mira, pg 2
Mannerism: Speaks about freedom, straight to the point, curious, easily excited. When speaking about freedom, birds appear behind her. 
Description: Mira has medium dark skin, with curly dark brown hair and brown eyes.  She usually wears her hair up. When first seen, she wears a heavy cloak, despite it being summer to hide the turquoise streaks from not being able to control her magic. She prefers flowy dresses.
Bio: Mira finds Drexel and demands that he fight her so she can prove her ability to him. She gets his attention by claiming Resultum wasn’t his fault and seems to know more about him than he does of her. He casts a spell that hides the physical manifestation of magic on her skin and agrees to take her as an apprentice, if only for a trail week. While eager and occasionally brash, she also shows sadness and self doubt through odd questions and comments.  

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