Orterian Wine old

The story of how a princess became lost, then found again. 

Penta: The one who lost the princess.

“Penta Frelsari faced Krauss, no longer a young woman, but middle aged. High cheekbones and angular features created a gaunt, permanently tired appearance, framed by thick waves of windblown hair. Deep set, dark eyes glared at the man, shadowed by furrowed brows. Her tan arms tensed beneath the rolled sleeves of her shirt. Her long fingers reached for the well-worn hilt of a sword which hung loosely at her left side. The deep green skirt stopped just before her soft leather boots. Krauss stood in the dirt road, every way Penta’s opposite. While she reached for her sword, he stood with his hand on his hip, nose turned up…”

Talon: The Lost Princess


“For nearly a year, Talon had served a baroness.  The shrewd woman looked for every opportunity to degrade and belittle Talon in hopes she would blossom into a gentlewoman.  She waited for when morning no longer had frost and fled.  She still wore a once lovely green dress.  The golden embroidery no longer glistened in the sun.  Dirt stained the hem line nearly up to her knees.  Her shoes, not meant for travel, had worn down to nearly nothing. Unlike her dress, Talon did not bear the weary appearance of travel.  Her round features held the glow of youth.  Her full pink lips pulled into a frown only for a moment as she brushed her melancholy thoughts away.  She pushed her light brown hair out of her face.  Large amber eyes scanned the forest.  She glanced over and noticed the traveler that stumbled closer to her.  Talon stood, squinting to see through the blinding light of mid-afternoon sun.”

Belhear: The one who finds Penta. 

“Belhear stood on the small single dock, watching the last light of day disappear behind the rolling hills in the distance. He put his hands on his hips, bright blue eyes catching the setting sun. He wore leather bracers that matched his boots. A ribbon pulled back his wavy blond hair, matching his fine shirt and eyes. His face held kindness; the start of wrinkles echoed his continuous smile. A young man joined him, his features resembling Belhear’s, although still holding the roundness of youth. His waistcoat fit snugly while his shirt cuffs fell halfway down his hands. Messy brown hair hung in his face, hiding his bright green eyes.”

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