“Red grapes and Apple” Giclee Print 8×10″


A giclee print of the original artwork “Red Apple and Grapes”

Versatile size of 8×10″

Printed with vibrant colors on glossy paper

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Original Artwork Print

The red apple is the center of the scene. On one side, a bunch of red grapes wrap around the apple. On the other side a tall green vase stands, appearing more green next to it’s red neighbors. The background is simple with various shades of brown while the table the objects sit on is a tan surface. This still life was one of the first created as a series of paintings to study form and lighting.  The original painting was completed in February of 2024 and is waiting to be varnished. 

Versatile size

This print is available in 8×10″ with bleed all the way to the edge of the print, making a great size to frame as is or add a mat when framing. 

High Quality Print

Using the giclee technique, this print is high resolution printed on glossy paper.


Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 10 in