“The Stage is Blue” Giclee print 8×10″


A giclee print of the original artwork “The Stage is Blue.”

Versatile size of 8×10″

Printed with vibrant colors on glossy paper

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Original Artwork Print

“The Stage is Blue” is set with blue plaid and drapery in the background, setting the stage for the subjects. On one side, a clock in an brass casing stands as the tallest object. The hands are pointing to 10:10, a time that is often used in watch advertisements for it’s pleasing placement on the face.  On the other side, a bright red apple sits next to a white creamer pitcher. The drapery in the background seems to further divide the two sets of subjects. The original painting was completed in April of 2024 and is waiting to be varnished. 

Versatile size

This print is available in 8×10″ with bleed all the way to the edge of the print, making a great size to frame as is or add a mat when framing. 

High Quality Print

Using the giclee technique, this print is high resolution printed on glossy paper.