About Me

In junior high, I found my dad’s copy of Andrew Loomis’s “Figure Study for all it’s Worth.” From there, I began doing figure study, trying to create scenes from the fantasy books I was reading. My high school art teachers focused on copying rather than art fundamentals, so I learned from DeviantArt and Youtube. I went to school for music, completing a BA in Music Performance in 2015. Art was always a way to escape. Currently, I work at Painting with a Twist. My interests include narrative illustration and mental health. I work in digital, oils, acrylics and a variety of other traditional mediums.


The Weekly Pep – a newsletter about my adventures as an artist and bits of inspiration


Futzology: The art of messing around – a store for my digital downloads and art


My channel is dedicated to talking about art including critiques and speed paints 


Posts of my art

Fortune’s Fancy

With patchy robes and concealing spells, no one would guess a small town’s hermit, Drexel, to be the most powerful wizard who destroyed a large part of Resultum 23 years ago. Instead, he’s more of a boogie man in Northwick. So he is surprised to meet Mira, a young woman who stubbornly wants to be his apprentice. He is more surprised to met Archimedes, a fortune teller with an easy, charming smile and a gift for seeing people. Will Drexel find healing and hope?